What’s that buzz?

What’s That Buzz?

The buzz you hear is a big bee season approaching! With all the recent rain yielding more plant growth, the bees are sure to come. Flowers are already blooming and bees are taking every advantage in Tucson. The more food bees have, the stronger the hive and larger the hives will…” bee.”

Many times there is confusion between a swarm and a colony, here are the differences between the two so you know how and when to act.

Swarm vs Hive

Swarm: A swarm is an assemblage of bees on the move; they will temporary stop and allow the queen to rest. Bees form a visible cluster (hundreds to thousands) that are always exposed, open and no honeycomb is present. At this time, the swarm is usually quiet and demonstrate little flight activity. None of the bees are pollen-laden.

Hive: Present for weeks, months and even years. The bees move in and out of holes, walls, hollow trees, junk piles, planting pots and other enclosures. Most reside in a cavity and are not visible. If the bees are exposed, the honeycomb will be visible. There will be constant bee activity, and pollen-laden bees can be observed arriving with pollen in their body’s pollen baskets.

Bees are constantly on guard for possible threats to the hive. Small things like noise, vibrations, cologne, body lotions and clothing colors can make them feel threatened. If any hives or swarms are sighted, have them professionally removed. Essential Pest Control is here to take care of it for you! Call today for a quote. 520-886-3029.

For more info on bees visit:  www.essentialpest.com/bee-removal-tucson/

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