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Whiptail Scorpion

Seeing this critter around?  This is known as a Whiptail Scorpion.  The name comes from the long, thin tail that stretches from the tip of their abdomen.

Alternatively, they may also be called Vinegarroon or Vinegarone.  This comes from a Whiptail Scorpions ability to defend itself with an accurate spray from the end of their tail.  The spray contains acetic acid or vinegar, and is not venomous.

However, these pests are considered to be harmless and beneficial aside of their spray.  Whiptail Scorpions can’t bite either.  Although this particular Scorpion does not bite, that does not mean they can’t become a nuisance. They’re predators that feed mostly on insects.  They work at night, and hide during the daytime. Handling Whiptail Scorpion control yourself could result in re-infestation.

Control is handled best by removing their habitat around structures.  Whiptail Scorpions hide during the daylight hours under debris or wood piles on the soil.  Another place they like to hide is within clutter in storage areas of structures.  To control Whiptail Scorpions, removing their source of hiding places is a must.

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