Winter Pest Control Tucson

Winter Pest Control Tucson

Although we get cold during the Winter and like to go inside to warm up, we aren’t the only ones who move indoors. Believe it or not, Arizona has Winter pests. The pests you should look out for during this cold season are Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Pack Rats, Kissing Bugs and even Termites.

Bed Bugs

If you are planning to travel this Winter, and are thinking of staying in a hotel, stay Bed Bug Free! Bed Bugs are hitchhikers. This means regardless whether you stay in a one star or five star hotel, this pest can be brought home with you. It is best advised for you to educate yourself on how to stay bed bug free. For more information on how to keep Bed Bugs from coming back with you after vacation, check out our blog Don’t Mix Bed Bugs and Travel. However, even if you don’t bring Bed Bugs home, other pests may invite themselves in anyway. aa


Cockroaches are one of the oldest surviving insects on earth. In our region, there are three types of roaches that roam. Although American roaches are one of the most common household infesting cockroach, there are two other types of roaches to be aware of. The three types are American, Brown Banded, and German roaches. These three types of cockroaches will be looking for warm places to spend their Winter. First stop, your home. Although roaches are alike, they can be distinguished from each other based on colorings, markings on their body, and how many eggs they produce. If you think you may have a Cockroach issue, you should contact your local Pest Control company to help clarify the type of roach problem you’re having.. aaaaaaa

Pack Rats

Due to our warm temperatures throughout the year, Pack Rats can be a re-occurring pest year round. Pack Rats are usually nocturnal and go unseen. Rodent prevention usually begins with smart landscaping with natural open barriers between the desert and the structure. In some circumstances, landscaping and good home maintenance may not be enough. Hiring an exterminator to eliminate a problem or institute a prevention plan may be necessary. At Essential we have a variety of tools that include trapping, baiting, debris removal, or exclusion. However, there is one pest that may also be hanging around when Pack Rats are present.. 0214

Kissing Bugs

Did you know Kissing Bugs bite, not kiss? It’s true! Kissing bugs are formally referred to as “conenose bugs”. The name “conenose” comes from the fact that they have cone-shaped heads. Kissing bugs tend to bite on the face near the lips while you’re sleeping, hence the name Kissing Bug. This particular pest is much like a bed bug in the sense that they live and place their eggs in cracks and crevices. Though they like to feed on humans while asleep, they like to suck the blood of Pack Rats as well. If you think you may be experiencing a kissing bug or pack rat issue, it is in your best interest to seek help from your local Pest Control company. kjbmn


During the Winter, termite activity increases due to the colder weather. Although we live in Arizona, it still gets cold enough out that certain pests are forced to find warmer locations to survive. Unfortunately for our homes, this is a great time for Termites to make your home their home. It is always much more expensive to repair termite damage, then to take the steps to prevent the situation. Thankfully, when treating for Termites, there are a couple options to choose from. To find out what Termite treatment is right for your home, feel free call Essential today for a courtesy inspection. (520) 886-3029. hgcv

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