Which Pests Are Likely to Pop Up in Your Yard?

No matter where you live, yard pests will make their presence known. The Tucson area is known for a wide diversity of insects and other pests. The next time you walk through your yard, you’re likely to encounter multiple types of insects and arachnids. A residential pest control company can help you deal with all of them so your family can get back to enjoying the great outdoors.


Harvester Ants

Harvester ants primarily eat seeds. They are black or a reddish-orange color. These ants are most noticeable during the summer when they swarm. You can see their “hill-topping” activities during this time, which is when they gather around a point that is high in elevation. Harvester ants tend to be aggressive, and may bite or sting.


Brown Dog Ticks

As the name suggests, brown dog ticks primarily live on dogs. They prefer to attach to the ears and between the toes of the host animal. These ticks are a reddish-brown color. Since they can transmit diseases, it’s important to have your property treated if you notice these pests.



Earwigs can be up to an inch in length, and they have reddish-brown and black coloring. Earwigs come out at night. During the day, you may come across them hiding underneath rocks or under mulch in your garden. Since earwigs are attracted to organic material, like plant matter, you can reduce the risk of an infestation by keeping shrubs and trees trimmed and debris cleaned up in your yard.


Arizona Bark Scorpions

Desert living definitely has its perks, but one of the drawbacks is the presence of scorpions. If you’ve seen a yellowish-tan scorpion in your yard, it’s possible that you’ve just encountered an Arizona bark scorpion. These can grow to a little over three inches in length. Arizona bark scorpions are attracted to wood piles and rocks.


Since 1981, Essential Pest Control has provided prompt and friendly pest elimination services for Arizona homes and businesses. We’re proud to serve Tucson and the surrounding areas, including Marana, Oro Valley, and Vail. If pests in your yard are keeping you indoors, give us a call at (520) 908-6251.

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