Why You’re Not Getting Rid Of Those Pesky Fleas

pest controlEvery year, Americans spend approximately $9 billion on flea control. Partly, this is because fleas are like the common cold: incredibly annoying and seemingly impossible to avoid.

However, the amount of money Americans spend on flea control is also partly because of the common mistakes that are made when attempting to get rid of them. Here are some common pest control mistakes you’re making for treating your pets for fleas and what you can do to remedy them:

  • Mistake #1: Using (Only) Flea Collars. Flea collars may keep fleas off of your dog or cat, but it won’t get them out of your house. They’ll still lurk in your pet’s bedding as well as your own, multiplying constantly. At least, they will if you don’t do anything to get rid of them.
    The solution? Treat your house in addition to your bed. Use carpet spray and throw the vacuum bag away every time you vacuum.
  • Mistake #2: Killing Fleas By Squishing. Fleas are flat and are near impossible to squish. Even with some intense strength they’ll most likely survive your thumb and forefinger and leap from your grasp the second you check if they’re still alive.
    The solution? If you catch a flea and you aren’t squeamish, pinch them between your finger and nail. This will effectively kill them. However, if you are squeamish, flush the flea down the toilet once you catch or it place it in a bowl of soapy water.
  • Mistake #3: Not Taking Care Of Your Yard. Weeds are a flea’s best friend, which is why your dog is more likely to get them during the summer when you take them for walks through wooded areas with high grasses. Additionally, even if you manage to destroy all the fleas in your house they can still lurk outside and make their way back in.
    The solution? Kill outdoor fleas with yard spray. Also be sure to cut your grass periodically so fleas can’t jump as easily and attach themselves to your cat or dog’s undercoat.

No one likes fleas. So instead attempting Destroy-It-Yourself pest control on these multitudinous jumping vampires, consider consulting professional pest control services. An exterminator from Essential Pest Control knows best and can keep you and your furry friends safe from a flea infestation.

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